Saturday, August 15, 2009

Things to NOT say...

Things to not say to a pregnant woman...

1. Honey, you are getting so big!
2. When you wear that black dress, it reminds me of a black hole.
3. Healthcare provider upon first pelvic exam - "Wow. I've never seen anything quite like that."
4. HCP at first exam, 6 weeks pregnant - "Well that sure isn't coming out of there!"
5. Wow, you must be having twins....said to the woman with a singleton.

Things to not say to a laboring woman...

1. C,mon babe, it's not that bad!
2. It's like mentrual cramps.
3. It gets worse than this!
4. Don't you want jusst a little pain medicine?

Things to Not say to a birthing woman or right after birth...

1. OMG, that's coming out of there???
2. Honey, I'll never look at your vajayjay the same.
3. HCP - "oops" - not appropriate at any time.
4. Can you throw in an extra stitch or two doc? Guess who will never get a chance to try it out?
5. Honey, I can't wait to have 3 or 4 ore of these.

Things not to say postpartum...

6 months postpartum..."Oh when are you due?"


Joy said...

My husband told me that he was FREAKED OUT watching our daughters come out of my vag. But he waited a long time to tell me. Like, when I'm pregnant with his third child. ;0) Nice move, babe.

Laura said...

I had to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading your blog this weekend (I have been reading your archives whenever I get a minute all weekend). Thanks for taking the time to write and share your experiences!

Ciarin said...

Joy - men are just such silly creatures!

Laura - Thank you!