Friday, December 9, 2011

Hello? *echo*

Hello everyone....still here?

I've had a lot of changes since I was last here.  You already know I switched practices and that continues to have been a great decision.  My 'new' practice, aside from small bumps here and there, continues to be great.  It's such a nice feeling to work with doctors who actually care about women's choices and aren't jerks if the woman makes a different decision than what is being recommended.  It's a great feeling knowing that if I am worried about something that the doc I work with will come in, no questions asked, and evaluate.  We did have some drama from the third midwife.  After working with us for 2 months she took off and went to our competitors.  It was a tough few weeks for me as I felt very betrayed.  I struggled to get that damn knife out of my back.  But I got to a place where I was able to forgive and reinstate our friendship.

We have a new midwife that started recently - and she seems to be really working out.  She has a sense of humor that is like mine and we have fun working together.  I think she will be around for the long term.  She's a new grad but has been working for years as a L & D nurse.  This wasn't important to me but was important to the doc I work for.  We are getting her settled and I am thankful for the extra help cause it has been crazy busy.  I had patients come with me to my new practice plus patients already there plus all the great word-of-mouth plus my ties with the birth community.  Busy!

The nursing staff at the hospitals I deliver at are great, but very different environments.  Hardly any idiots at these facilities so very nice to not have those struggles.  They have been adjusting to midwifery care for a couple years now but with more midwives coming in and those of us who perhaps practice a little less medical, the staff have had to adjust a bit more but are doing great.

There's a practice whose docs are notoriously against any midwifery care, now hiring a midwifery service.  I guess they got tired of all the transfers to our practice :p  It's so hypocritical but yet, the more midwives in the area, the better!

I've become so lax in my blogging but am going to try to get back with it and get back to visiting other people's blogs!  I've missed the blogging community.