Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I'm on vacation...a real vacation...a full 8 days off...not one of those short 3 day mini-vacation things. Ahhh...this is so nice...except for spending the first two days of it cleaning the house.

So today is day Two of the vacation and yes, I must spend it cleaning the house. We are hosting the family reunion this year so everyone is converging on our home starting Thursday - therefore the need to have a reasonably clean house has presented. Once the cleaning is done then it's time for lots of merry-making, food, drink, etc! We are italian so when we get together these things are a must!

I haven't blogged in awhile as it has been crazy around here! Work has been busy busy - I caught 27 babies in the month of May (which coincidentally was my b-day - May 27). The induction doctor continues to drive us crazy...the tension continues to mount. We are looking for a new midwife! Yeah - more of us and we can withstand crazy doctor stuff.

What crazy doctor stuff you ask? For example, the primigravida (1st baby) who is 5-10, weighs 370 pounds, being induced at 39 weeks, with a 0 Bishop score (very unfavorable cervix) for macrosomia (even though the research tells us we only increase the risk for c/s by doing this). When I came on, she was finishing her second cervidil with very little change in the ripeness of her cervix (think of ripeness in terms of apples - her's was very green and I don't mean a Granny Smith). The induction doctor's plan? Which by the way was written in the chart under the progress notes but he wasn't even the doc on call with me! Section her if no change in cervix for failed induction. Hmmm, don't you have to be in labor for a labor induction to be called unsuccessful? Oh me and my crazy thoughts.

Anyway, if we get a new midwife in here, plus another part-time one is returning from maternity leave - we may be ready to go back to a separate midwifery service - woohoo! Then the induction doctor can do whatever the hell he wants with his patients - although I feel sorry for them.

Enough - I'm off to go clean!