Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Peer Review

So, I received an evaluation form on the medwife I work with. It's apparently part of the peer review process to maintain credentialing. Do you know how difficult it is to evaluate someone when you really have nothing nice to say? So one of the midwives and I sat down together to fill this thing out. I hated doing it - I feel like I have to be honest but on the other hand I don't want to ruin or cause trouble for someone. Those of you who have been in similar situations...your thoughts?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

I'm Back....

You all have missed me haven't you?! So what's been happening...

Well, first, I have been so crazy busy with the new job and life that I just set this aside for awhile. But lately, I have been missing the blogging so decided I might come back to it for awhile :)

Next, the new job...I love it! I'm so fabulously happy to be working as a midwife but it's even better because it's a great place to work! Nothing better than liking what you do AND where you do it! But alas, nothing is perfect...there's one person I work with who I would love to see re-locate elsewhere. More on that later.

I hate to say will inevitably come across wrong but...well, never stopped me before! I love private practice. Rarely am I faced with the whole trainwreck situation anymore like the residents are (if a patient comes in with no prenatal care then the residents get to care for them). You know, the whole "Hi I haven't had any prenatal care, just did crystal meth this morning, think my water has been broke for 3 days, and have no idea how far along I am". So you start to triage this patient, then having to deal with the whole fetal heart rate dropping into the 60's with each cxn, only dilated 1cm, and yes the water is broke as it is full of thick mec and rank as hell. Do I miss this sort of scenario? Uh, nooooo. And yes, this scenario actually happened to me. Want another one? Hmm, how about the grand multip who, smoking meth of course (meth is the cocktail of choice around here), shows up 8cm, no prenatal care. By the time we get her to a labor room she ruptures, thick mec, infant on the perineum. I throw on gloves (no gown - who had time??) and catch. We do prenatal labs afterwards - turns out she's HIV +. Sad, sad, sad.

What else do I love about private practice? The patients who are educated and ask questions, and don't wait for me to tell them what to do. Fantastic! I love the active participation! Of course, we still have clientele who just want to be told what to do.

What else is good? The money. I'll admit it...I hate living a simple, possession free life. I like things. I like having money to go do what I want when I want. Trips to Vegas. Trips to the Zoo (which is the kid version of Vegas). Shopping. A nice house. But also paying bills...on time no less is really damn nice. After the havoc wreaked by student loans going into repayment, graduate school, and a low-paying nursing faculty job, I am climbing out of the pit of despair financially. Woohoo!

So the job is great. Except for the medwife (that's NOT a typo). Those of you in the profession, know what I mean. She's the mini-doctor, and if that'snot bad enough, I swear she's bipolar and so does most of the office staff and hospital staff. It's not just one likes her. Patients complain about her also. This could all be tolerable if she was at least good at what she does. But she's not. I dread following her on call.

Well, what kids are doing well. My youngest is having a birthday soon. She wants everything Hannah Montana. I was surprised by her zest for HM because she's only 4! But I'm not complaining. At least HM is not
pregnant and keeps her clothes on. So far anyway. Thank god, she's not asking for Britney Spears stuff. Don't get me wrong, I feel very sorry for Britney Spears. That girl has lots of issues and I really hope she gets her shit together. But role model material? Uh no.

Well enough for my comeback post :) More to follow!