Thursday, August 21, 2008


Well, I went and did it again...been so busy I went and disappeared on everyone.

Thoughts for today

1. Just because the baby is not moving every hour at 26 weeks, please don't come to triage more than once a day!

2. Please don't wait until 2am to call me and ask me if it's normal for your legs and feet to be swollen at 38 weeks - I'm not going to induce you because of it and certainly not at 2 in the morning.

3. Please don't send over a patient to the hospital as a direct admit without calling the person on call to give them a heads up!

Ok, just a recent glimpse into my life lately :p

So, great changes are a afoot in midwife land. We have a new midwife starting soon and will be able to go back to a midwifery service again - yah!!!!! I anticipate this will alleviate some of the stresses and strain of dealing with my fav doctor. I haven't been working with him much lately but have still accumulated some fun stories for you.

Story #1
The patient I am seeing is 37 weeks, has been seeing Dr I'm Scared of Big Babies throughout her pregnancy. She wants a second opinion. She had a vaginal delivery with her first baby (who was 7lbs 8 ozs), c/s with her second for breech. Now she wants to VBAC but is scheduled for c/s the following week because the baby is 'big' (89th percentil by US the previous week). So I have the VBAC, big baby discussion with her. She decides she wants to give it a try. I tell her I believe she can do it. Outcome - we induced at 40.4 weeks, I estimated 9 lbs, she delivered VAGINALLY a 8 and a half pound handsome little boy. I told her to go see Dr I'm Scared for the postpartum visit - just kidding!

Story #2
I called in at 5:45 am to see if I needed to be there at 7am when I start call. Was told there was a 'midwife' pt there who was 7cm. I decided to come on in a touch early since Dr I'm Scared was there waiting for another delivery. Unfortunately I did not make it there on time (I live a fair distance away) and missed the delivery by five minutes. The doctor came out a little later and asked to talk to me. He wanted to vent about 'midwife' patients and how this patient was 'uncooperative' because she didn't want to lie on her back to deliver, among other things. *snicker* I tried to explain to him that patients aren't difficult and uncooperative just because they don't do as they are told like good little children.

I really actually like this Dr personally - just professionally he makes me cringe. Doesn't even let dads cut cords and god forbid if a dad wanted to help catch the baby. I think there is something terribly romantic and special about having a dad's hands be the first to touch the baby.

Ok, enough for now....gonna go look at other people's blogs and I promise I will try to post a little more often!