Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The latest call

My most recent call was crazeee buzeee boy-a!

I laborsat for 9 hours (see this post and this post). We finally got to see a baby late afternoon. The problem? The baby persistently stayed LOT. We did lots of positions, tub, walking, etc. Just a very slow labor (she was 5cms when I arrived to take over from the off-going midwife). Finally, hands and knees worked - the baby went to LOA and was out after 30 minutes of pushing. This first-time momma did it with no pain meds, epidural, or a drop of pitocin (I'm kinda proud of myself for not being tempted to jump on some pitocin). The only intervention was AROM.

Then I went home....

Then I went back to the hospital, where all hell was breaking loose! The entire L&D was crammed full with three women having to labor in triage. Oh that's sucky! One of those ladies was mine. So she got a spinal and then had a baby (please don't ask about the spinal). It wasn't too bad other than the baby had to go to the nursery because there are no warmers in triage. I mean, god forbid we just put the baby skin to skin. But frankly, I think this momma was ok with getting a chance to sleep for a little bit, she was exhausted and she didn't want to breastfeed :(

Then I was asked by the doc on call (Dr I-Don't-Like-To-Get-Out-of-Bed-For-Anything) to go evaluate his patient in labor who was having some issues - like prolonged ROM, failure to progress kinda issues. Suuuurrrreeee, when I asked him one time about whether I ought to mag a pretermer or not I get "You need to come up here and evaluate your own patient and then give me a report". But now that it's 2am and you don't want to get out of bed, it's ok for me to evaluate your patient. :ppppppp So I hang around to first assist on a couple sections.

Home and asleep about 5:30am. Lovely.


Joy said...

That doctor is a pill. Ugh, sorry you have to work with him.

Ciarin said...

He's actually not that bad, can just be a little snarky from time to time. There are way worse docs to work with so I am grateful for having him. We actually have a lot of fun most of the time :)