Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Is it bad?

Is it bad of me that I wish a patient would get an epidural? First baby and labor progressing very slow. I am tired after doing labor support for 6 hours now. I just want a nap. Although even if she got an epidural, I would then have to go see patients in the office. So no rest for the weary either way. In the meantime, will continue supporting her and maybe get some coffee (she's in the tub right now, which is why I am blogging right now).

There's a patient in triage for foot pain. A pregnant women with foot pain. No OB related complaints. Just twisted her ankle. That's all. C'mon ER, get over this phobia about pregnant women. The baby could be halfway out and they would run the patient up here willy-nilly, in their effort to avoid catching a baby.

*sigh* I'm bored and tired. And I feel kinda guilty that I feel that way.

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Beetus said...

Don't feel guilty, Ciarin...we all have been in your shoes. Boredom and irritation are just as much a part of things as joy and exhilaration. Although the latter is way more fun.