Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pull Over

I was on my way home late last night when I was pulled over for turning right on a red (where there's a sign that says not to do that). I was on call, and hanging out at a friend's house all evening. I was in my pajamas though. I wasn't anticipating anyone but my friend seeing my pajamas. My mistake!

Fortunately, the officer was very kind and I was easily able to work the fact that I was a midwife and on call into the convo. Turns out his wife is pregnant and has a midwife alos. Cool!

So, he very nicely just gave me a warning :)


Joy said...

Gotta love those warnings!!!

Joy said...

P.S. How did school go for the first day?!

Ciarin said...

Everything went well for the kids - they were very happy to go to school. Thanks for asking!