Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Show some intelligence!

Scenario: I'm sitting at the drive through at the pharmacy with my son. I just need to drop off his prescritpion and don't need to pick it up for a couple days. There's a lady in the other lane, who was there first.

Plot: The lady in the next lane has a couple different prescriptions she is picking up and has insurance issues she is discussing with the pharm tech. She puts me on hold when I hit the call button without asking me whether I am dropping off or picking up. I sit patiently for about two seconds (keep in mind I was up all night and have had a couple hours of sleep this morning). I actually sat there for about 5 minutes when I hit the call button again. Before the tech can hang up after telling me to wait, I ask her to send the stupid thingy so I can just drop my Rx and go. She says "I'm not by the thingy, but am by the pharmacist. When I go back over there, I will send it." A few seconds later she walks over there and sends the thingy. I put my Rx in it and take off (it has everything she will need to process it already written on it).

C'mon, would it have been so damn hard to send me the stupid thingy when i first pulled up?????

Ok, so maybe I'm a little crabby. So sue me.

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Danielle said...

I haven't been up all night and I would have been PO'ed too!