Sunday, August 9, 2009

School tomorrow

The kids start school tomorrow...I'm sad and relieved at the same time. It's sad to have the summer ending and spending extra time with them. But it's also a relief to be able to have some more downtime and not feel like an entertainment director.

I took them for haircuts yesterday. I have all the school supplies ($66 worth) and am working on getting everything labeled and sorted into appropriate backpacks. Fun :p

I'm also enjoying this weekend off. I have been a bit run down from all the call this past week (another midwife is on call) and I seem to have been a bit of a baby magnet! I have been catching up on blogging as you can probably see. Been working on some projects, etc. And reading and watching movies and swimming. Very nice.

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Joy said...

One more week until school for my 4-yr-old!!! It's bittersweet but in the end, a good thing!