Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pages received

I have had a quiet call so far other than my pager having a touch of's what that looks like!

8:30pm - I have dizziness and heart palpitations, 1st trimester, started a new blood pressure med this past week. Oh and very anemic.

10pm - I have a cold, what can I take?

10:30pm - I'm having urinary symptoms, can I take these antibiotics from over a year ago

6:30am - had sex, now spotting and cramping

9:30am - I'm throwing up, having SOB, pelvic pain and pressure, low back pain (this one has called and been to triage more times than I can count)

10am - triage - needing orders for someone with midepigastric pain, pelvic pressure, and low back pain

10:45am - triage - needing orders for the pt that called at 9:30am

1115am - triage - more orders and report on one of the previous patients

1200 - triage - more orders and report on the other lady


Joy said...

Oh my goodness! Don't you just love the hypochondriac patients? If it isn't one thing, then it's another!

Anonymous said...

I would love to hear what your responses were to each of these women!! Who did you have come in?