Monday, August 24, 2009

One of those spells

Hmm, I'm on the third day of a three day weekend and I'm having one of those spells.

For those of you not in the know yet, I have some autoimmune issues...not RA so don't ask. Mostly I just experience wandering joint pain and fatigue. You know, not all joint pains that wander are lost. Haha. I wish they would get lost.

Anyhoo, I take medicine for these Tolkien joint pains and fatigue. One I call poison - methotrexate. The other is a nice little shot in the belly couple times a month. These meds help a great deal. I shouldn't complain because I can remember the time before being diagnosed, when I couldn't turn a doorknob to get out of my bedroom in the moring, due to so much pain in my wrists.

But I digress...

The spells consist of low grade temps, generalized achiness and malaise. That's it, nothing else. Because I am considered immunosupressed one might think that these are signs of infection. A couple times they were - UTIs. Most of the time, no other symptoms. I have even had bloodwork done during a particularly tenacious spell (lasted two weeks on and off!!!!!) and it was ok. They normally last 2-3 days then go away just like that. They occur randomly...the last spell was a couple months ago. But then I might have two in a month. Very random.

So, thoughts anyone?

And I quit my old rhuem so manybe now is a good time to find a new one and set up an appointment eh?


Anonymous said...

I know you're not going to do it! But some people who have tried the Blood Type Diet have found relief from a lot of mysterious and difficult-to-treat ailments. Though not on the same scale, my husband gets a stiff and sore neck and a headache when he eats corn or wheat. He never recognized the food connection until he gave up corn & wheat and the aches & pains went away. Then he "fell off the wagon" and had sore shoulders and neck that night and the next day.

A vegetarian diet is not as hard as it sounds. It takes some getting used to, but (if you're Type A, like me) you just feel so darn much better! You don't have to go 100% -- but you could go 70%, and see if there is any improvement.


Ciarin said...

I know I know. I remember when you suggested it before. I'm frankly not sure I could follow any one diet. I like to be able to eat what I want to eat when I want to eat - and my willpower sucks.

But maybe I will just take a look at it again and at least try.

Anonymous said...

To be honest, my willpower sucks too, which is why I weigh what I do. :-/ If I allow myself eat one cookie, I eat 5; or if I eat a small amount of potato chips, I eat half a bag. This diet has been helpful if only in not letting me set foot down the wrong road. I can say, "Nope, that's not on the diet!" and walk away from it; whereas when I've tried other ways of controlling my weight (the "you can have whatever you want -- just small portions of it" kind), a "small portion" just doesn't cut it, because a small portion leads to a big portion. Some people may do just fine on those diets, but unfortunately, not me. :-( Having a list of "allowed" foods is beneficial for me to, because instead of saying, "Hmm, what do I want to eat?" I look at the list and say, "Which of *these* foods do I want to eat?"

I'm still tempted from time to time -- don't get me wrong! -- but I don't feel deprived. And I think I'm eating less because I'm eating more nutritious foods. I've heard of people dying of malnutrition weighing 400 lb; perhaps they were eating so much because their bodies were starving for nutrition, but they were feeding themselves junk. I'm not craving sweets any more, and it's easier for me to walk away from the other junk, too. If you get on the forums at, my username is Katsy.


minority midwife said...

aw this sucks :o(

Anonymous said...

Have you had your vitamin d level checked? Getting your levels above 60 can really help decrease symptoms. Most people with an autoimmune disease have a low level.

Ciarin said...

I wish I had thought to check the Vitamin D - just had blood drawn today to look for viral sources of this crudiness (epstein barr, etc.)

Anonymous said...

Can it be added on?

Ciarin said...

Vitamin D was added on :) I don't really expect that to be deficient though as I live in a very very sunny state and likely get enough sun exposure. But I will keep you posted!