Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Crazy Call Part 1


Call was crazy yesterday!

I was doing my usual 24 hours of call and knew it would be a busy day but this went beyond that.

First thing in the morning I first assisted for a repeat section...no problems there. In fact it was kinda cool because the doctor let me suture the skin incision, which I had not done yet. He was great about it, teasing me just a little about my hands shaking! I didn't do too bad - I really wanted it to be perfect for cosmetic reasons. Yeah, so I set high expectations :p But it looked good!

Shortly before I went into the OR, a midwife patient came up. She is the type of woman who is a little spoiled and who wants natural childbirth - militantly. She has read everything she can get her hands on, including medical stuff. She knows every complicatioon and horror story that could possibly happen with any intervention possible. *sigh* And naturally she rolls up on my call. It's also kind of odd because her mother is her Bradley instructor and doula. I check her before I go into the OR - she is 4/100/-2 and looking very active. Ok, I am determined to make the best of this. Her husband and mother are there for her support and I plan to just oversee, make suggestions, and otherwise stay the hell out of their way.

After the section, I discover there is another patient there for me who the staff thought was a doctor patient. Not sure why as she had never even seen a doctor on her prenatals and it said CNM on the prenatals for provider. Hmmm, tough to figure out. Anyway, this poor lady is writhing in pain at 8-9 cm in her bed on the monitor. She has a low-risk history with no problems in labor, baby looks great. I take her off the monitor and get her in the tub which helps her a great deal. The nurse, who I like personally, is so friggin' lazy. She does the bare minimum to get by and complains about that. I tell her what I did and she's like "Oh that's wonderful!" So you couldn't have done that yourself????? Jeez!

I also have an induction there as well...a primip who has a suspected separated pubic bone and was in such pain that I agreed to induction as did my collaborating doc. She had come in the previous day to start cervical ripening so by this time was 4 and 50. Eh.

Ooops, have to go pick up my kids....will finish this later!

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Prisca said...

Wow, sounds like an exciting call--congrats on the suturing! :)