Friday, March 6, 2009

Another call day this week

Call yesterday was pretty nice, whcih was good since I had not gotten to bed early enough the night before (had a lot on my mind and just couldn't shut it off!). I had a scheduled section in the morning that I first assisted to do the skin incision again and I though I did pretty darn good!

Then I had a nice vaginal birth with a first-timer. What a sweet couple they were :)

Did my office hours, where I got to see some of my favorite, personal patients. One is due in a week, while the other is due in about three weeks. They are best friends which is so totally cool. I'm just a little nervous though because I go out of town for the weekend with my mom and my daughters to San Diego. The first one would have to go ten days overdue for me to miss it. But the second one will be right around 38 weeks...and it's her second baby. I would be very upset to miss either. I told them both to cross their legs and hold it in if they had not had babies before then. After all, they say animals can stop their labors if they feel why not us?

I went home and was sound asleep by 9pm. Got a call from a patient who's water had broke about 3am so sent her off to the hospital. Then they called at 4am to let me know she was there so I gave orders. She wasn't terribly active so I just went back to sleep (she was planning an epidural). Then they call me at 5am to see if they could give her an epidural. And that was it for the call shift.

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Student Nurse Midwife said...

We can stop labor when feeling threatened. Why do you think there are so many FTP?