Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A very nice birth and interviews

I had a really nice birth recently with our student midwife. This was a woman having her first baby. She came in a couple weeks before her due date and was 4/80/-2 on admission. Her plan was to go natural. She did start making epidural noises as she was starting to transition but we worked with her and did stadol instead. I know she could have done it without that but sometimes it can be difficult to know how far you can push a patient. So the student opted to let her have a couple doses. She was able to rest for a little bit then she moved along much quicker. I suspect we also had a malpositioned baby as she had been having a lot of back pain and a slower labor. The baby did come out all twisted up - the head turned into a correct position (OA instead of OP) but the shoulders kinda went the opposite way! That's the third time I have ever seen that. Anyway, momma was very controlled and did a beautiful job!

We are interviewing another midwife tonight. The one we offered the position to turned us down :( So back to square one. I'm hoping this one tonight might end up being a good fit but we shall see. I just know that working the extra hours for what will likely be several months before we have someone up and running, is taking its toll. My joints are bothering me more and I am just more tired than usual :p But I still love my job!

I was disappointed because I found out that while I was out of town last weekend, another patient of mine came in....I had previously blogged about her - she is a sexual abuse survivor. She was only 29 weeks and having some bleeding so the other midwife ended up shipping her out to the perinatalogist. I guess the patient wasn't really happy about that - she told the other midwife that she felt more comfortable with us. I'm just hoping she gets back to us :(

I am going to Mexico this weekend on a spur-of-the-moment decision. A few of the nurses at the hospital are going for a long weekend to Rocky Point. They have a condo rented at a super deal. So they invited me and I (after checking with hubby and mommy - she's have to babysit Saturday while my hubby goes to a class), decided what the hell! Might as well do it since I am off :) Woohoo! I have never been to Mexico so am excited for some R&R. I told them I was just gonna hang out on the beach, read, sleep, and party a bit as well :)

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Joy said...

Great job first-time mommy!!! Sorry you've having trouble finding another Midwife for your group but Mexico will be a welcome reprieve! Love reading hte birth stories!