Monday, March 16, 2009

The birth I was waiting on

The birth I was waiting on was really, really nice. This lady was a personal patient of mine and her boyfriend is this really big, kinda intimidating-looking guy. She brought up that he would really like to catch the baby so I had agreed to that plan early on in the pregnancy. Well, she had her baby and he did was very well done and I really enjoyed being a part of their experience! I supported the perineum and guided his hands a tiny bit. He handled the rest and it was fabulous! I love it when things happen so beautifully like that!

So, typical call....I had this really quiet weekend. I was gonna call the hospital Saturday night to make sure they knew I was on call! I didn't get a single page until Sunday morning. Then the damn thing wouldn't stop! We took the kids to movie in the afternoon and my pager went off 5 times! I did get to finish seeing the movie at least before I had to head in.

I went home after the last birth and was asleep about 3am. Then , of course, my pager went off about 3:40am. They had two patients for me, which I admited both. And then went back to sleep. I figured neither would deliver prior to 7am (one was first baby and 4cm, the other was second baby and 4-5cms). I should have known better! At 5:20am, they call to tell me one is now 8cm, no epidural. It's times like these when I want to cry....I'm so tired! But fortunately i work with a bunch of great women. So I called the oncoming midwife and asked her if she would go in instead, which she did. I really didn't think I would make the birth anyway, and she lives a lot closer. She missed it unfortunately, but all went well.

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Joy said...

I just found your blog and love it! I'm not a nurse but my mom was an RN and I must have some of her love for medicine because I love hospitals and medical blogs (especially OB-related blogs)!