Sunday, March 22, 2009

On the way home

We are on the way home from San Diego. My daughters are lucky to be alive. I was ready to beat them after Sea World yesterday (I didn't). They have managed to coordinate their whining and complainingall weekend long. One would behave then the other would behave. Then they must have synced their watches cuz they would then switch.

There were some good moments though! The girls were blown away by the dolphins and killer whales. They thought it was so neat to touch the bat rays (ok, well the younger one anyway, the older was scared) and starfish.

They shut down the water rides after we had been waiting in line for an hour and were just about to step foot into the raft. Apparently there were some aftershocks or something. I told my mother that it figured...the one weekend I come to California, it drops off into the ocean!

Ok, enough for now...starting to feel a little carsick.

Oh, and I got a text from the midwife on call yesterday. I have three women who are supposed to be keeping their legs crossed for the weekend. Well, one, whose last baby I caught, came in delivered. I know she was in great hands but was just disappointed they weren't mine!

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