Friday, March 6, 2009


We are taking my daughter out for her birthday dinner tomorrow night and I had told her she could invite one friend. Well, the friend she wants to come is very...ummm...shy....clingy? I don't know....she has a hard time going anywhere without her mom. Or maybe, her mom has a hard time letting her go anywhere. I don't know. So anyway, the friend really wants to come out to dinner with us then back to the house for cake, ice cream, and presents. I call he rmom, who basically is planning to go with us as she thinks her daughter will want her there. Well, I was planning to treat my daughter's friend....surely, the mom wouldn't expect me to pay for her meal as well? What do you guys think? And how do I handle a potentially awkward situation?


Midlife Midwife said...

call the mom and say, "we would love to pay for your daughters evening but we did not budget for anyone else. If you choose to come, we would love to have you, but we need to ask you to pay your own way." She may get offended...but then again, she may get the hint and "uninvite" herself. (I am not known for my tact though so take my advice for what it is's costing you nothing!)

Ciarin said...

Ah, but I appreciate the advice. I'm thinking I might say something like "Oh, I'm planning to take care of your daughter's meal" and hope that she isn't dense.