Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Another baby

I had a strong feeling last night that I really wanted another baby. I was even thinking about talking to my husband about it. But I decided to wait and it's a good thing I did. I get the urge to have another baby from time to time because I miss having a baby in the house. When I examine my feelings closely, I know that I have some regrets over my birth and breastfeeding experiences. Because when I think of the reality of having another baby in the house - well, doesn't sound quite as thrilling. I imagine the toll another pregnancy would take on my arthritis - I don't do pregnancy well to begin with. So, go away urges!


Jenny B said...

I know what you mean! Not so much the arthritis but the desire despite knowing fully the realities of another baby...since mine is 14 months old.

Anonymous said...

The urge for another baby is part of how we are made as women. It isn't logical and sometimes it's so strong it hurts. My sister, it will pass.

Here's what you do to speed the passing: Take a deep breath and imagine writing the check for college tuition for another child.


Ciarin said...


Thank you for your voice of reason and sanity - that was incredibly clarifying and the urge has passed once again!