Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Still Laboring Conclusion

...So a couple hours go by. I keep hoping that she will say she needs to push. She's looking way more uncomfortable, really working hard to cope. The doula is doing a great supporting her, as is everyone else. My plan was to give her about 3 hours after ROM to make some progress, which is what I had discussed with them. But she starts asking about chemical pain relief options. Before going there I suggest we check her (she was feeling some mild pressure at this point) - she's now 8cms but the head has come down a little to a 0 station. I suggest some other positions first or the tub, if no better after that, we will have the pain med discussion.

Well, she's exhausted and totally had it now. I think we all were pretty exhausted at this point. So about an hour later we are putting in an epidural. I re-check after the nurse puts in her foley and she's now 9/100/0. Another couple hours pass by and she progresses to complete. She has now been in labor approximately 24 hours. I'm trying to figure out the hold-up. Earlier I felt like the baby was OP or 'sunny-side up' but is now definitely OA. Baby doesn't seem that big - I figure 7 to 7 and a half at most. Pelvis is roomy. Contractions are probably not too hot but have been able to get her this far. Hmmm.

We have her rest for an hour prior to start pushing (she started feeling pressure). She pushes for a long time...maybe 2 and a half hours. We do the birth bar for squatting, semi-fowlers. I try to do some hands-on things to encourage the baby to come down and under the pubic bone. Then I try another little trick that has worked everytime I have ever used it. And it's so easy....

I flipped her to one side, had her push for 15 minutes...then flipped to the opposite side for pushing...and we delivered like that. The baby was over 8 pounds....ooops.


AtYourCervix said...

Sounds like babe was acynclitic or some kind of OP or OT. I've noticed the same effect, position far to one side for 15 minutes, then the other side for 15 minutes. Helps babe twist around the right way. I'm glad to hear she finally had her baby!

Midlife Midwife said...

I like your trick too.