Monday, September 10, 2007

Vaginal birth vs c/s birth

Vaginal delivery - some facts

1. Recovery - almost immediate
2. Breastfeeding - immediate
3. Food - almost immediate
4. Respiratory distress in the baby - much less likely as the baby gets a good squeeze coming out of the vagina, which helps to push out secretions
5. Vaginal birth - safer, mom and baby less likely to die or have complications (such as wound infection, acute renal failure, etc)
6. Bonding - immediate
7. Depression - less likely

Cesarean section - some facts
1. Recovery - 6 weeks
2. Breastfeeding - sometime after you go to the recovery room - 1-2 hours after birth
3. Food - Nothing but ice chips while in recovery then clear liquids the first day
4. Respiratory distress in the baby - much more likely - no squeeze so mucous and fluid tend to stay put longer as baby (and someone with a bulb syringe and suction) work on getting it all out.
5. Cesarean birth - safe...but not as safe as vaginal birth! Risks involved - death, infection, more likely to have a placental abruption (placenta prematurely separates - life threatening) or placenta previa (where the placenta grows over the cervical os) in the next pregnancy, etc.
6. Bonding - whenever the staff feels it's appropriate - 1-2 hours later maybe
7. Depression - more likely
An interesting possibility that's being researched is the impact of babes born by c/s not being exposed to maternal flora (mom's vaginal bacteria that is normally there). The newborn's gut is sterile until they begin to be exposed to bacteria, which then grow and live in the intestines. This is good - it's called a symbiotic relationship. The bacteria need us to live, we need them to help us digest our food! Imagine what the possible long term impact of this could be! The babies are exposed to bacteria but there may be a delay after c/s.


Zipperhead said...

Good points! I had one of each (regular with my 1st, emergency c/s with 2nd due to cord prolapse). Sure can't imagine choosing a c/s unless there were absolutely no other way on Earth on delivering! (Yeah it was miserable LOL.)

Neat site btw. I see the Brian Froud name--as in the Frouds in England? I know of Toby Froud from Labyrinth, and his family and pretty well known. Same ones by chance?

(I am linked to BillyBob's site and saw your site from there.)

Ciarin said...

Thanks for stopping by!

Brain Froud is an artist - he does a lot of fantasy artwork. The link to his website is...