Thursday, September 6, 2007

New desk and a sign of things to come

I got a new desk today at work! I feel so cool :) What happened is our staff has grown quite a bit during the last few months. The clinical director and the program director have offices then there's a third office with two desks in it that we all fight to share. These offices surround a general meeting/lounge area where there are three more computers sitting on counters. These computers run on gerbil power. The computers in the third office run on actual electricity so hence the desire to work in that third office. Otherwise you resort to the library computers, which do run good - but then you have to hunch over your work like the Hunchback of Notre Dame cuz students are in there too. Soooooo....a new office was built in the largest classroom with three desks. And I got to choose one. Granted I have to share with another co-worker but she works part-time and is usually there when I am not. So it works out good!

My older daughter, who is 7, has a best friend who she rides the bus with, has the same classroom with. It's so cute because she was invited to go rollerskating with her friend on Sunday. So I had to call and speak to her mom then she had to of course speak with her friend. I watched her on the phone and saw our future...hell is a teenager. I already understand why some species eat their young - no teenagers that way.

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