Monday, September 3, 2007

Miss me?

Miss me? You know you did!

Well, it has been a busy busy past few days. I have lots to share...where to start???
Ok, let's start with the fact that I got a job!!!!!!! I heard from the practice I interviewed with a couple weeks ago, on Friday. I am very excited but unfortunately I won't be starting until November. So that's another 2 months in which my brains may continue to seep out of my head. It was actually my decision to not start until November out of loyalty to my current employers. They won't have another faculty member to take over my portion of clinicals until then. I will continue to work one day a week for the school teaching in the classroom. I'm excited and think this will work out nicely. The only thing I am a little nervous about is that the docs in the practice apparently expect the midwives to tell them what they want done. For those not familiar with what I am talking about...midwives must have a collaborative physician to refer patients to or to provide additional services such as c/s, vacuum extraction, etc. The docs I have worked with previously have come in and done their own assessment then made a decision. In a way, this was nice because if a woman was going to get a c/s, it ultimately wasn't my decision! Oh well, I will have to adjust to that. I'm so excited to get to work as a midwife...just wish I didn't have to wait so long but I guess I'ved waited this long, two months more won't kill me.

In the meantime, I signed on with a contract agency to work some per diem shifts (per diem is just working whenever I feel like it basically) on labor and delivery units in the area. The credit card bill has gotten out of control between trips to Vegas and tattoos so to pay it down quickly I decided to do this. I have other reasons as well...the money is really good - being a teacher does not pay well, not like working as a nurse in the hospital. These contract nurses tend to be reimbursed pretty well due to the fact that you have no guarantee of work and the ability to walk into a facility you have never been to before and start working without orientation. I also thought it would be beneficial to be back on L&D so even though I don't get to catch the babies, I'm at least able to watch others (good and bad) do it. Plus I get to work with mommas again!! I did a shift Friday evening - got a call that my old midwifery clinical site needed some nurses - how cool! So I got to spend time with the staff and midwives working which was great. I'm supposed to go back again this coming weekend. So maybe I will have some stories to share from there. No babies were born while I was there Friday. I had a patient with cervidil in (a ribbon that is coated with medication and inserted in the vagina - it 'ripens' the cervix - the cervix becomes ready for labor) and another patient with some kidney problems who is just growing her baby for induction.

We went to Vegas again Saturday morning, came back last night. This time we drove, which was awesome. I saw Hoover dam for the first time which was cool. It took about 5 and a half hours to get there and just 5 coming home. It's a gorgeous drive - the desert is so beautiful. On the way home we ran into some storms - rainbows everywhere!!! There were two - one inside the other- that were really beautiful. I've never seen a rainbow with such brilliant colors - and we drove through the end of it! There were colors everywhere but no leprachaun :( I would have loved a pot of gold as I had no luck in Vegas. But we saw Justin Timberlake at Mandalay Bay - he was awesome! I really like his music. And Timbaland was there as well - he was great!
Well, enough for now - must go off and see what others are posting - Have a great labor day!!!!

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AtYourCervix said...

Congrats on the new job! Yeah!! As for calling the shots (so to speak) when getting a doc in to back you up, I think it just comes with increased confidence levels and more experience. I'm sure you'll get used to it.

Good job on the per diem job too - isn't it awesome, fast money? Pay off those credit cards lady, you don't need them hovering over you.