Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Quick thoughts

No word yet on the job.

Clinicals with the students are over! Woohoo! I get a break from trekking all over the valley, listening to whining and bitching that I could just as easily hear at home.

The most commonly heard phrases from students...

"It's too much paperwork" Well, if it was easy everyone would be doing it.

"Why do we have so many clinical hours?" Uh, because we prefer to train you sufficiently to not kill a patient.

"Why do we have to pick a patient the day before? Real nurses don't do that" Hmmm, you aren't a real nurse and it's really questionable about whether you ever will be!

Me to students asking these questions "Is it possible that maybe your faculty know something about nursing education that you don't?"

FACULTY = nurses with MSNs, BSNs, MEds, PhDs, and a combined total of like 200 years experience in various fields.

Student = CNAs, LPNs, bartenders

Go figure.

Seriously though, I love working with the students for the most part - but you can definitely tell those adult learners from the 'others'.

So we have a great faculty - really smart people who all get along and have fun...except for the one I will call the Lone Dinghy. LD for short.

LD likes monkies...she went to Borneo recently for two weeks to play with the monkies. She brings cat food to work to feed the occasional stray. No children. Likes horses. Loves to sunbathe - even after having 2 cancerous growths removed. She looks a little like a prune. She wears outfits to work that I wouldn't wear outside my home, to even water the plants. We had a faculty meeting last week, from which she was absent (she doesn't attend any meetings, nor have lunch with any of the rest of the staff). The dress code for faculty was discussed as complaints had arisen that someone was wearing streetclothes to clinicals - and not even appropriate street clothes. See-through stuff...no bra (like LD today)...open toe shoes...etc. We are all looking at each other wearing scrubs, wondering what planet this person is from.

Now, this all wouldn't be so bad if LD was a good teacher. I did the evaluations last sequence...I felt incredibly sorry for her as the students tore her apart. Apparently she was cussing in class, telling graphic personal stories, etc. Her syllabus? Out the window apparently. Tests on knowledge required of seniors, not freshman.

Oh, and if she goes near a computer, it explodes apparently. She won't check her email, use the website, etc. She relies on everyone else to clue her in to what is going on.

Ok ok, the bitchfest is over. I love my job :) Not as much as I would love a midwifery job but close.

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