Friday, August 3, 2007

Las Vegas

I'm heading to Las Vegas this afternoon for the weekend - woohoo! I need a break from the nursing students.

The students are burned out for the semester and so are the faculty. The seniors in particular are whiny. The freshman have been refreshing (no pun attended) - they are eager and excited to learn, which is fun. I will only be working with them next semester. I will miss teaching the seniors (some of them anyway) though. At least I will see them at the school pretty often. It seems that the seniors have gooten dumber as they go along. Their desire for independence sometimes gets them in trouble...

"Ms X, I went and performed open-heart surgery. It was so cool!"

"Uh, you did? And was someone there to hold your hand?"

"No, I didn't know I couldn't do this invasive procedure all on my lonesome."

*Bang my head against the wall a couple times*

"You must always have a RN or myself present for any invasive procedure as I mentioned at orientation and is also included in your student handbook"

*astounded expression appears on the student's face*

And so this is why I have brain damage by the end of the semester!

Did I find a job you ask? Why no, of course f*cking not. Although, I sent an email to the local ACNM chapter president asking for her help. She sent me an email back saying she had found me a job - this was Monday night. She gave me the contact info, so Tuesday morning I sent my resume and called and left a message. Haven't heard a word naturally. Do you think people are sensing my desperation? It's not like I beg over the phone or get down on my hands and knees begging. Well, not much anyway. So in the meantime I said to hell with it for right now...I signed up full-time with the school again to teach. I'm hoping that there will be a couple positions opening up at a local IHS facility at the end of the year. My old preceptor will become the director then and I think she plans to hire me. I would be totally cool with this.

I went to see a movie last night with my mom - 1408, which is based on a Stephen King short story. They usually butcher any movie made out of his stories but this was pretty good. The ending was a little screwed up - there obviously was some 'creative license' there to get a happier ending. Otherwise this was well-done. It would have been a difficult story to do because the whole movie is essentially about a man in a room...John Cusack really pulled this off. He had the whole to trip to the edge of insanity down really good - I mean, I do it all the time but I'm very practiced.

So Las Vegas here I come!!!!!!

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