Saturday, August 25, 2007

Lotus Birth

I've just been learning about Lotus birth and thought I would share with you all...

Apparently this is a practice where instead of cutting the cord once baby is birthed, the cord is left intact ...meaning the placenta will deliver still attached to the baby. The cord and placenta are left this way until the cord detaches from baby on its own. The placenta can be treated with salt and herbs to dry it and decrease smell (although If you have a cat they may be very interested). The concept behind this practice is that the baby has a slow transition to detachment from mother's body. A midwife I spoke to has researched this and found no evidence that it has been used in other cultures nor is their any 'scientific' evidence to back the validity of the claim that it also allows baby to get maximal blood volume (beyond what is achieved with just waiting til the cord stops pulsating). But some people just like the concept, which is ok. To each his own. I'm a firm believer in delayed cord clamping/cutting...but not quite this delayed. I'm clamping that sucker once the pulsation stops (unless momma wants otherwise).

Here are some links to check out if you are interested in Lotus birthing...

Dr Sarah Buckley She has written some other great articles which you can find on her website .

Sarah Wickham

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