Sunday, August 12, 2007

Breast implants: Cause of suicide?

Several studies have apparently shown that there is a correaltion between breast implants and increased suicide rates. The literature has proposed that these women started out with something screwy prior to breast implantation. On the Women's Bioethic's Blog , they are proposing wit the latest study that the difficulties following the implantation are the cause of increased suicide rates.

While I do agree that those difficulties (development of autoimmune disorders, surgeries, pain, etc) could certainly contribute to the increased incidence of suicide, I disagree that it could be the cause. I do believe these women had issues prior to the procedure - mental health issues to be exact. One has to ask what drives women to plastic surgery? Why do some women feel that in order to be happy, they need bigger breasts? Is it in part because our society places such a huge sexual emphasis on the breasts (breasts are for sex not feeding our babies)? Is it a self-esteem issue? I certainly think it is a combination - I just struggle with the notion that it could be 'normal' to want to surgically alter the parts of our bodies that we are unhappy with.

So what I am getting at is I believe that these women who committ suicide after implantation, were likely suffering from mental health issues prior to the procedure. We all know there are many unscrupulous plastic surgeons out there who will do whatever a woman wants for that dollar, even to her detriment.

Anyway, would love to hear what others think!

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