Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Things of interest

After having five straight days off hanging with the kids and my husband I was ready to go back to work! I love them, but jeez they drive me crazy after awhile. You hear the five-year-old constantly hollaring for her brother to come help her with something or another. The 8-year-old just thinks she knows everything! And the 14-year-old grumbles and moans if you ask him to do something like take out the trash, empty the dishwaher etc. It's enough to make you run out of the room screaming....which I did a couple times :)

I have just been in the office since returning to work. I am on call tonight and then all weekend...woo...hoo. I hope it's either feast or famine and not in between :p

I had a young mother in the office the other day who I had to call the crisis intervention line for. She's on her third baby and has a lot of different psychosocial issues. I felt so bad for her, wishing there was a magic wand I could wave and fix it all for her. I don't know what happened after I left as they were there at the office quite late talking with her. I hope they have some good recommendations for her and she will follow through.

I have a patient who looks just like Milla Jovovich! What a trip! I caught her first baby and am now seeing her with this one. Hopefully will catch this one too.

I have another lady who I have been seeing all through her pregnancy. It's her first baby, and she's due today I think...she's planning natural childbirth and does not want induction at 41 weeks (which is fine). She is open to membrane stripping but her cervix is closed still. I tried to reassure her that the baby knows his birthday but she is miserable with contractions and seemed rather surprised when I mentioned that they will get stronger. She was whining a bit and I felt like telling her to just suck it up. But I couldn't do that as she and her husband are absolutely the sweetest people I have ever met. So I told her to suck it up in a really nice way :)

Well, I have only four hours of office today prior to going on call for just 12 hours. It has been decreed that we midwives must be in the office as much as possible to build our practice...*sigh* But we can't convince the powers that be to give us 20 or even 15 minute time slots for return OB visits. Now we all take however much time we need with each patient, which naturally results in us running behind to varying degrees. So instead of giving us extra time for those visits, the powers-that-be agreed to an extra ten minutes out of every hour as a blocked slot in which to play 'catch-up'. In return we had to add 30 minutes of time to all our office hour shifts AND they took away out emergency only blocked slots - which were rarely used. We got screwed in the end because when I calculated the time out...we are actually working an additional 20 minutes on top of what we were before. It doesn't balance out, that's for sure. And now the office staff that schedules appts will manipulate these blocked slots to where you will be booked two hours straight then get 20 minutes of catch-up time.

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Prisca said...

Wow, that sounds awfully complicated in terms of seeing pateinst and the whole time thing! And I know what you mean about wanting to return to work--I just got really bored today. Ugh.