Saturday, January 31, 2009

New job?

I think I want a new job. I get this feeling everytime things get particularly sh*tty at work. Lately we (read: the midwives) have been getting a lot of sh*t at work. Dr Boss is doling out the disrespect in more portions than usual. We are all frustrated. But can't talk to him yet because he's on vacation...again. Just not feeling the love...

Example - I got a pretty nice raise about 3 months ago...followed promptly by a cut in bonus per delivery. The reasoning was that all the midwives needed to make the same bonus amount since we would be pooling bonus money. So two of us were making the higher amount, and got dropped down to the lower amount. Essentially this offset the raise and I am no better off than before.

Example - I get a nasty note on a chart. The note was apparently written without reading my notes.

Example - he dictates that every woman should be getting pelvic exams after 36 weeks. There was a big brouhaha over this one - we argued this one.

There are other numerous gripes but my fingers will fall off trying to type them here! We will need to have a very serious sit-down when he returns. Morale is in the tank.

We are expected to be little mini-residents but practice like midwives. Make up your mind Dr Boss!!!!!! We aren't practicing obstetrics! It's midwifery. And there are some differences.


AtYourCervix said...

Does he respond to evidenced-based medicine? How about showing him the evidence that SVE after 36 weeks isn't indicated, or leads to positive outcomes. Something along those lines.

Ciarin said...

He likes to sometimes quote EBM but also likes to use a LOT of anecdotal experience...when pressed for research supporting his belief he gets defensive or starts changing tracks. We did actually discuss the evidence with him since one of the midwives had just done a presentation of the research on this vary topic in our midwifery meeting. He backed off but then 'retaliates' with nasty notes and things along those lines...very passive aggressive.

AtYourCervix said...

what a, ummm, nice person to work with. (tongue in cheek)