Thursday, January 15, 2009

Call so far today

Another busy day in the life of a CNM.

I am friggin' exhausted.

Yesterday I spent the better part of 16 hours working with a personal patient. Her birth plan could have been a checklist of what was not gonna happen. I finally had to go home in the evening as I was so exhausted with no baby in sight. The other midwife caught the cute kid five hours after I left. Delivery was followed by a retained placenta. I went and saw her today and she and hubby were quite happy. I think she felt that even though things didn't go as she had hoped, she was satisfied that we had tried very hard to make things happen they way she wanted.

Flexibility - key.

So I didn't sleep well last night worrying about her so much. This set me behind in rest for today :p

I had a scheduled c/s to first assist on bright and early. Then a I caught a baby of a young lady who showed up completely dilated - she did great but had a couple smallish tears that wouldn't quite bleeding so had to sew 'em up. I noticed that she had a bit of a rectal prolapse while I was down there, which surprised me in someone so young (19) and hvaing a second baby. Come to find out - her first baby, which was 'delivered' by residents in a teaching hospital, she had a fourth degree laceration. For a 5 and a 1/2 pound baby. WTF?

Then a crash c/s, which I first assisted on as it was my patient :( I hate hate hate to see multips get sectioned with a previous history of vaginal deliveries. But it was a fetal distress kinda thing that had been a problem since she arrived. We tried.

But on the other hand, I have now first assisted 6 times and am feeling much more confident.

Then I sat around waiting on a grand multip to have her baby.

I'm hoping for a very quiet night....please please please!


Loving Pecola said...

omg. I can now say I understand what you mean. This is HARD work!

Ciarin said...

Mentally and physically. I don't know about others but the woman's happiness with her experience is so very important to me as is her ideal experience that she hopes for.