Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I forgot to tell you about one of those births from this weekend...

This woman was a term patient who came in with contractions and appeared to be quite uncomfortable with them. This would be her 6th baby and another VBAC for her. :)

Her vag exam was closed/80/-2. Hmm, ok....but she has a history of fast labors and is contracting regularly. So she walks for a couple hours. Now she's 1-2/80/-2. Ok....well, let's let her walk another hour and just keep an eye on her.

Now normally, I would have sent the woman home when we discovered she was closed....but it is her 6th baby, and she looks sooooo uncomfy.

Afetr another hour she's 2-3/80/-2. Hmmm.....ok, go home. Come back when you are complete (which is what she would inevitably do - with me being at home when it happens). I go talk to her, planning to send her home, but am really just bothered by how much pain she seems to be in. It doesn't match where she is in labor. So I check her just to be sure...

She's now 3-4/100/-2, 15 minutes after the nurse had checked her. Ok, maybe we'll just keep her then.

An hour later, she's 8/100/-2 with a BBOW.

Less than an hour after that we had a baby. Wow.

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