Friday, February 5, 2010


My BFF was pestering me to blog but I don't have a lot to say at this particular moment....let me see what I can come up with.

I was irritated this morning when I received a page from a nurse, wanting to know when I was going to round. Basically, when I get there was my response. She claimed the patient was antsy to go (not a delivered patient but an antepartum patient). While that might possibly be true, this particular nurse is well-known for shoving patients out the door as soon as she can. When I am on call for the weekend (and starting early to boot), with no office hours and no patients laboring....I'm gonna round when it's damn well convenient for me! It's not like I live close to the hospital and can just whip by. :pppp

I recently had a run-in with another midwife. I was having a rough night - was up all night and the labor ended in a c/section unfortunately. I had been notified of a patient 'out there' who was 6cms but not in labor. Uh ok. She was a primip and had gotten checked in the office and wanted to go home as contractions had fizzled. She came back that night to get checked again. Nothing had changed and her contractions once again fizzled out. I started to wonder if she had some subconscious stuff going on about the hospital environment. She wanted to go home which was fine with me. She calls me about 2am (waking me from the best 45 minutes of sleep ever) and kinda wants to come back and just be admitted. Ok, sure, whatever. She's 8cms now and contracting about every 5minutes. But they aren't very strong - she's totally relaxed and barely breathing with them when she has one. We discuss options - she wants to try to get some sleep then will be ready consider AROM if labor hasn't progressed. She sleeps for about two hours, then her water breaks spontaneously. Woohoo! By this time, I have 45 minutes of my call left and I am feeling like sh*t. I call the oncoming midwife and ask her to be here at 7. She says, 'well it won't be quite 7 cuz you didn't give me enough time to shower and drive there'....blah blah blah is all I'm hearing. I say 'well, I'm not staying, she's not doing anything' but then I say 'nevermind, I won't leave until I see the whites of your eyes'.

So she arrives shortly after 7....the patient has been in the shower most of that time while I sit at the nurses station looking like a zombie. I give the midwife report and can tell she's perturbed about something. I ask what's wrong? She tells me she's disappointed that I would really leave a patient who was 8cms. I was so mad....I told her that I hadn't left had I? But that the patient isn't doing anything. She totally madfe a snap judgement without knowing the full situation. We go into the room where the patient is fresh out of the shower and very comfortable. She's smiling and chatting. Tells us the contractions seem to have petered out again. The other midwife says 'you're not in labor' and laughs. In my head I'm thinking "see? see??????". I was offended that she thought I would even leave a patient who was transitioning. This patient was 8cms but wasn't in labor. Really.

Anyway, the patient ended up delivering like 8 hours later :pppppppppppp

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