Sunday, January 31, 2010

Busy Playing

I've been quite busy playing this weekend. I went out Friday night with my BFF and was very naughty. We started out with dinner at an awesome modern Hawaiian restaurant. I had 4 vodka martinis. I only knew this because I counted the little olive sticks the next day. I kept the olive sticks for my mother who drinks dirty vodka martinis at home....well not like, all the time....just after work and social events so maybe 6 days a week. but she totally doesn't have a problem. Really. Anyway, she was needing some little sticks for her olives and these ones were pretty darn cool.

Anyway, we ate yummy stuff. I remember eating the abalone calamari which was not fried but grilled I think and was delish! We also had Poke. My BFF didn't care for it as much - I guess it didn't taste like what she remembers from Hawaii. I loved it though so ate it right up. I love Ahi tuna - *drool*. Then she had ribs and I had something, but can't remember what it was. Fish I believe. And there were yummy grilled plantains! We sat by the firepit during this time. We laughed, cried, and had a fabulous time. Or so I'm told.

Next stop on the agenda, after dropping off leftovers in the fridge, was a local coffee shop. It was very cozy and the chick at the counter was very friendly. Very trendy and very gay :) Loved it! I had some coffee and a cookie, tried to sober up a bit. It didn't work. LOL.

Then we headed to the monorail thing, which I haven't ever been on. We rode that for a while, chatting, until the guy in front of us turns around and asks "Are you guys lesbians?" Turns out, Carlos is gay and new to the area. So we bonded with him for awhile and invited him to have a drink with us at some straight sports bar. So martini #5 was had along with some Perrier for hydration. I was starting to slack on water consumption. I don't normally drink this much and will try to drink lots of water and have food.....But I was feeling no pain. In fact, my kneee felt the best it has felt since I hurt it. Woohoo!

We left that bar and parted ways with gay Carlos. I got his email though to stay in touch :) We rode the rail back to where we started, grabbed a car and headed to a gay bar next. In fact it's the same bar I blew out my knee. I wanted to see if anyone remembered me - LOL! No one did. It was dead there but good music (no, I didn't dance.....but really wanted to). I had martinis' #6 and 7. I was ready to head to another gay bar to play pool but my BFF couldn't hang anymore and wanted to crash. Thus ending the night. It was so much fun and I actually remember most of it!

The next day I was just a little tired but had to run some errands with my mom....then game night with BFF, mommy, and stepdaddy. More alcohol....but at a much slower rate.

Today....payback for all that. I am tired! Will head to bed early tonight as I have to go in to help with a breech version in the morning. This will be the second one she's had. The baby flipped back to breech after the first go around. If she flips back to vertex, the plan is to induce her. I'm hoping all is successful. I don't like the idea of the induction but even worse is the idea of a c/s. Keep your fingers crossed.

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Beetus said...

Ur so gay! JK. Great account of our fun night, had me smiling ear to ear.

The Party Pooper