Thursday, January 21, 2010

No Baby Magnet

Hasn't been much going on lately in terms of births. One of the other midwives seems to be the baby magnet now. My last two nights on call were so quiet that I was checking my pager to be sure it was on!

I am doing well with my physical therapy but this recent bout of rainy, wet weather has set me back a bit :p But I don't think there is surgery in the near future for me - yah!

I am getting very tired of hearing the phrase 'I don't eat that much!' in response to counseling on weight gain. That phrase is right up there with 'I drink lots of water'. I wish I had a dime everytime I heard these phrases - I would be so rich! Usually after asking a couple questions I can find out what the pitfall(s) is/are. It's usually one of three things - 1. Eating mostly junk 2. Eating too much of healthy foods 3. Eating only once or twice a day. I always try to give kudos where they have been doing things well, such as good calcium intake, then set goals for the next visit as well as encourage exercise.

I have some fun women I am seeing. One, I caught her last baby and we had really bonded with that pregnancy. I also adore her older child as well. I'm not often charmed by children (I admit, I'm just not into children - love my own but they drive me nuts sometimes) but this is one who is a doll. Anyway, I was disappointed because she opted to get her tubes tied. Well, it failed. And now we are having a third one. And the sex of the baby is a surprise! Awesome.

We midwives are going on a spa date - it's our Christmas present to ourselves. We are using funds from preceptorship money to pay. I am very nervous about the idea of getting a massage. I have had one professional massage three years ago and it was awful. I didn't know then that I probably had fibro. I just knew that my back and neck could be painful when touched to firmly. I told the therapist that I wanted very light massage in those areas. It wasn't light enough and I left feeling very bad. I also think I didn't tank up on water enough prior. This time I plan to be very vocal if the touch isn't gentle enough. It won't help that I will be post call and may not be rested. It will be fun to spend time with the others though :)

I've got a girls weekend to Las Vegas next month. I am very excited!!!!! My BFF, my mother, and a friend (who is a doula) will all be going. We plan to see Cirque de Soleil Love.


AtYourCervix said...

Oh no! Not a BTL failure story! Ack. I had my Mirena taken out last week due to constant bleeding x more than 3 months and feeling like a beotch 24/7. I'm planning on a BTL. Abstaining until I get that BTL.

Ciarin said...

I wouldn't stress about it. The failure rate is about 1:1000 depending on what method is used. I had mine done in 2003 and so far so good :p Although I am always saying I will be one of these women who have a tubal forever then get pregnant at age 40! I took care of a patient once when I was a labor nurse that had a tubal then got pregnant. her youngest was 15!