Sunday, January 3, 2010

Adventures in Laborland

I was being punished again and had my two least favorite nurses again caring for my three laboring women. I guess I need to kiss somebody's a$$ so this doesn't happen again anytime soon :p So the return of Nurse Sucky and Nurse Crappy.

I am so happy because a patient who was due on this first week of January did not deliver while i was out on PTO. She and I have had such a great time - one of those really strong connections. Her cervix was 4cms and the head was down low so she came in for AROM and to have a baby. She's a grand multip with a history of fast labors...the longest was 5 hours and the shortest was 1 hour. I was happy to bring her in for a controlled induction although it was entirely her choice. I was just afraid she would not make it to the hospital, or if she did, I wouldn't get there in time to catch. We both very much wanted me to be present :) The downside to intervening versus spontaneous labor was that labor took longer than it probably would have otherwise. I had warned her that might be the case. Her labor was about 6-7 hours this time. She did a wonderful job though. This was her last baby and she finished with a perfect record of all natural births :) Nurse Sucky wasn't too bad....course the patient was off the monitor most of the time and I was there doing labor support. She was a little involved in charting on the computer during delivery. So intead of anticipating my needs (which most nurses do quite well - I'm not being egotistical or anything, they really do a great job usually), I frequently had to get her attention. Grr.

Well....more later....gotta put my knee up.


SweetWICK said...

Neat blog. Thanks for posting..good job!

pinky said...

It is true, most nurses who work with the same Doc or midwife will put out the stuff they know you will need. That is one of the nice things about working with the same people. Oh what a difference it makes when you work with coworkers you like. I was lucky to really like almost all my Docs and midwifes.

Prisca: said...

hm, i hope i'm not anyone's Nurse Sucky! LOL

glad you got to be there for your patients delievry.

Ciarin said...

I highly doubt it Prisca!