Tuesday, January 5, 2010

More Adventures

I had a 'princess' patient of another midwife. The midwife who this patient normally sees was on vaca so couldn't be called for this patients labor and birth. Bummer. Cuz I got stuck with her. She wasn't the worst I have ever cared for but definitely was up there. I had met her once previously and she left me with the impression of someone who is never happy or satisfied. That impression was upheld throughout labor and birth :p

She was planning an epidural from the very get-go. No problem. At 2cms she was crying. She hung in there until 4cms and got her epidural. Unfortunately Nurse Crappy was assigned to her. The patient complained about Nurse Crappy almost immediately. And no, I had not said a word regarding my feelings towards Nurse Crappy. Nurse Crappy really is....well...crappy.

At one point shortly after the epidural, Nurse Crappy has this conversation with me...

Nurse Crappy: Her contractions seem to have spaced out and I checked her after putting the foley in and she's still the same.

Me: (looking at the strip, which I had noticed we weren't tracing any contractions since her epidural placement) Well, we (meaning you) might need to adjust the toco as I am sure her contractions didn't stop completely.

Nurse Crappy: Well, she isn't feeling any contractions.

Me: (dumbfounded) Well, she has an epidural, of course she isn't feeling any contractions.

I walk into the room and adjust the toco and viola! Contractions. Slightly spaced out but not enough that I am concerned. I had to do this at least twice more during the course of the labor since apparently Nurse Crappy isn't capable of performing this task. I try so hard to be patient and nice to her, but dayum, she makes it hard!

Anyway, I did end up breaking her water since she didn't change after a couple hours had gone by. I told her I would come back in a couple hours to re-check her and she should get some rest. The patient says to me "I'd like to see more of you and less of her (Nurse Crappy)". What I wanted to say - "Well, we can stop the epidural and I will spend lots more time in here with you, but in the meantime I have a patient going natural who I am spending my time with." In reality I just smiled and told her I would try to get her another nurse. Which didn't happen as the board was full and everyone was loaded up.

I got tied up in my natural childbirther's room at the time I was supposed to go back and check the princess. Nurse Crappy comes in and says your other patient has summoned you. Ok, well, she didn't say that but anyway, she was wanting to see me. I informed Nurse Crappy that we are pushing in here, please go check her. Turns out, she was moving along nicely and was 8-9cms now.

At this point, I didn't really want to go in the princess' room anymore as I was tired of hearing the demands and complaints (the foley, the nurse, the bed, the IV tubing, her family, I'm hungry, etc.). Hey, this is what happens when you opt for an epidural - certain things come along with that. We discussed this in the birth strategies class that I taught and she attended. Night shift came on and I got her a fabulous nurse. The princess was feeling pressure so I told the new nurse (Nurse Wonderful) that she could check her and start pushing....call me when the baby is looking at you. :p JK! She pushed very well (I figured she would - she had a great pelvis) and delivered a cutie over a small second degree laceration.

I numbed her up prior to doing the repair as she was feeling some 'stinging'. The repair was pretty straightforward and simple but she almsot immediately starts asking how long it will take. I tell her that this is something she doesn't want me to rush!


AtYourCervix said...

Oh my. The princesses. I see them now and again too.

pinky said...

My Mom would tell me, "Pinky, this is Gods test in patience and tolerance." However, why do we have so many damn tests? You are so right, when you have a high needs patient, giving her a crappy nurse will just exacerbate the whole problem. Do you think Nurse Crappy knows how crappy she is? Has anyone told her?

Ciarin said...

She's been there for something like 8 years and is part of the dayshift clique. She ain't going anywhere. She probably has no clue.

Anonymous said...

Nope. I'm sure she has no clue. She probably thinks that everyone else is crappy, not her.

The Reluctant Snowbird said...

This woman couldn't even adjust the toco on her patient?? I had my husband doing that during my labor, it's not like it' rocket science.

Ciarin said...

Snowbird - Exactly.