Thursday, February 11, 2010


I had a patient who was being induced via AROM but wasn't very active yet. My plan was to go get some dinner then be available for labor support. I had gotten a couple free tickets to our local NBA game. The plan was that my husband and older daughter would go as they both like basketball. He was gonna bring both daughters up to the hosptal to get the tickets from me and leave my younger daughter with me. I would then take her to my BFF's house, have some dinner, then go do labor support while my BFF watched my daughter. Welllll......

At the time that my husband was meeting me at the hospital, the ER called saying they had a screaming patient from our practice. So I decide I better wait and see what's going on. I asked my BFF (and she is such a fab BFF!) to meet my husband and get my younger daughter.

the patient came up and she was a doc patient. But she was 10/100/+2 so there was no way that the doc was gonna get there in time so I stepped in.

No good deed goes unpunished.

I ended up haing the tech get the tickets out of my bag and take them down to my BFF who was waiting in the parking lot for my husband to show. I had her take me phone so she could answer it when my husband called. It was chaotic! In the meantime, the patient delivers her baby but then promptly has a postpartum hemorrhage. So we get that dealt with then she needs a repair. It's not a big tear but is very awkward to repair. It was a first degree perineal but the skin had sheared away partly up the labia. So getting that to all approximate was difficult. That's only the second time I have ever seen a tear like that. I get her all pictures, etc.

My other patient is now active and needs labor support. So much for dinner. I quickly call my husband tomake sure he's on his way to the game and my other duaghter is in the hands of my BFF. All is well.

I go do labor support for my other lady and have a rockin' natural birth with her. Then I got to stay home the rest of the night - sweet!

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