Thursday, December 17, 2009


I started a rumor that my knee was injured when Tonya Harding attacked me. I thought that was clever but likely that only people my age and older would get it. :p

I am struggling with my insurance company - I am surrounded by incompetence as well so that doesn't help. My rheum wanted to increase the dose interval on my meds which would likely require preauth as they are a bit expensive. I get a notice from my insurance that I am now required to use a specialty pharmacy instead of the ease of my local pharmacy. Ok. So I mail the Rx off to the pharmacy, like , 6-8 weeks ago. In the meantime I have some samples from my rheum to keep me going. I haven't filled any prescriptions at my local pharmacy since prior to the new RX. I get told that they can't fill it until the middle of this month....but it will be for the four syringes. Ok, I have enough samples to get by. I call back when I am supposed to and say ship my sh*t (well, maybe not in those words). They inform me that it has to be preauth'd. Uh wait...what have we been doing for past 6 weeks that you guys have had this Rx????

Ok, so I put on my patience mask and they get the ball rolling. Three days later my rheum's office calls me to let me know it's been approved. Woohoo! I go off to have my MRI done and come home to get a message from my insurance saying that my request for additional doses has been approved. Woohoo! I call the pharm to get it shipped. They promptly inform me that it can't be shipped until a week into january. Are you punking me???? Oh and it hasn't been authorized for the additional doses. But wait....did I dream the two calls saying it had? Maybe it was drug-induced wishful thinking. So the pharm chick calls my insurance to be told that the case is still pending. WTF? So I am waiting patiently...*snicker*....a couple days then will try again. It aggravates me because the increased dosing is working. Hardly any temps recently and very quick and low at that (like 99 as a high), they go away within a few minutes. My joints aren't giving me a lot of grief anymore. So aside from some fibro issues and the knee thing, I had been feeling better. Then this happens.

Guess what my temp is right now? 99.8 F*ck.

On the lighter side of husband has been a doll. The girls too. They have been very helpful, waiting on me like the Queen that I am. My bestie and my mother have also been attentive to my needs, as it should be - LOL! I have a plan in place for grocery shopping and finishing my Christmas shopping, all with injured knee.

The knee, btw, is getting better....swelling is down considerably, less painful, and I can bear some weight now. My worst fear is falling. I'm scared it will go out again. I won't know MRI results and plan of care (POC) until Christmas Eve. That sucks. My husband says it ain't right that a football player can get injured and have the MRI and follow-up immediately. I mentioned a slight difference...I'm not an athlete making millions.

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pinky said...

OMG you are so funny! TAnya Harding? I guess she is off her meds again.