Sunday, December 13, 2009


I am writing this blog post from my bed. Are you titillated by the title? Well here's the scoop. I was out dancing with my BFF and my husband. I had had quite a bit to drink but wasn't dizzy or anything like that. I'm on the dance floorwith my BFF when I lean back a bit, then have the thought that 'something just happened and I'm gonna fall'. Two seconds later I hit the floor. So, I'm all emabarrased and not really sure what happened. My BFF helps meup, and I go down again when I try to put weight on my leg. Now, sh*t be hurtin' in my knee and I know something is wrong. I manage to get up with the assistance of my BFF and husband. I'm horribly embarrased and just want to get out of there. I barely make it to the car and we head back to my BFF's place. They both start insisting I go to the ER. I respectfully and politely decline repeatedly. Really, my knee doesn't hurt that much. BTW, alcohol makes a wonderful anethestic. I get up to show them I'm ok. When I turn towards my husband, something happens in my knee again and I scream. This happens once more and they get adamant about going to the ER. You see, my drunken but sound logic was that they wouldn't do anything but x-rays and say follow up with your doc on Monday...elevate, ice, etc. I could save $125 on the co-pay by waiting until urgent care was open. But they wasn't havin' it. In fact, I think my husband was getting ticked off.

So off we still very drunk and embarrassed. We get there and fortunately it isn't busy. The staff are very kind and pleasant. What can I say? I'm a funny drunk. In fact, my cell phone got into the hands of my bestieso there's some very funny video footage. So, x-rays get done, the PA sees me and says likely menisucs tear which means go home and rest it, ice, pain meds, blah blah. Gee, big surprise. So home I go....they get me all comfy as possible with ice etc. I manage to sleep for a bit then wake frequently due to pain. My alcoholic anesthestic was wearing off. So while finally deciding to take a pain pill (kinda wanted to wait until I was a bit more sober...cuz that whole stop breathing thing doesn't work for me) and researching from my cell phone on meniscus tears, I learn that this was probably already present and I just didn't recognize it for what it was. I had been having these episodes of popping in the same knee for 3-4 months now. Not painful, just weird feeling with occasional twinges of pain. I thought it was just an arthritis thing but now I know that I likely had a tear and just totally blew it out finally.

So where does the poledancing come in? I was NOT poledancing. However my BFF thinks it will be fun to see who can generate the best rumor on Facebook on how I blew out my knee. That's her first crack at it!

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Paula said...

Feel Better. So sorry about the injury. My husband finally had his removed and has great mobility.