Friday, December 18, 2009

The bathtub

I am so excited because I made it into the bathtub! Getting out might be a whole other blog post. And yes, I am blogging from my tub...the modern miracle of my fabulous cellphone :) I'm hoping my BFF might catch on and try buying something up to date and user useful, let alone friendly. Her phone is a piece of shite. Having a text conversation with her is like talking to a man with ADD...the conversation is all over the place and disjointed and confusing. You see, on my phone, text is laid out in chat form. Nice and organized, not to mention that I have a kkeyboard and she has some weird number/symbol/letter thing going on. Oh and no touch screen either. I'm so used to touch screen that if I use my moms crackberry, I start hitting the screen and get p*ssed off that it doesn't do anything!

Oh I rambling?

So, I got my christmas cards done. I'm off to do some christmas shopping and dinner with my BFF. I get to ride in a wheelchair - what fun!

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