Sunday, December 27, 2009

Back to Work

Well, tomorrow is back to work after being off for two weeks (the first week due to knee injury and the second week was scheduled PTO). I'm a little nervous but really feel that all will be well. I'm getting around pretty good on my knee. It gets stiff when not moving it but quickly loosens up. I would say that the knee is functioning at about 75% at this point. I do have some limitations on my range of motion (ROM), i.e. can't straighten it yet. I still am limping which causes some discomfort in other muscles and joints (especially since my ankles are some of my more troublesome joints). I will bring my crutch with me in case I need it. I'm a little nervous about sitting on the stool in the exam rooms...I'm worried that I will have trouble getting up without falling or hurting myself. I will stand when in rooms as much as possible to avoid this. The only thing I am very unsure about is first assisting for c-sections. There are none tomorrow (scheduled anyway) but on New Year's Eve there are 2! Will see how things are feeling and decide whether I can do it or not.

My knee still has puffy spots...but they are mild. I seem to have plateau'd (sp). The first week I was improving daily after the initial 2-3 days. This past week's progress has included more mobility and the ability to walk without a crutch. However, it's really been very slow progression. I have my f/u appointment on Tuesday to go over the results of the MRI and determine the POC. I suspect surgery is in my near future. I was supposed to have had the f/u last week but they rescheduled it to this week so the doctor could be present. That seems to be a huge hint that I will need surgery.

Here's hoping that all goes well tomorrow. I'm looking forward to getting back to work and to seeing my patients. I miss it all :)

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