Saturday, November 29, 2008

Which one of us... not like the others?

There's one of us midwives who is very different from the others....Medwife.

Her annoyingness seems to come in waves. And we in the midst of a huge wave!

Last week, Medwife takes it upon herself to induce my personal patient on her call shift. Ok, I could get over this. But she never calls me to see if I want to come in for the patient! The patient and her spouse asked Medwife 4 times if she was going to call me. Medwife informed them that it would be unethical and inappropriate to call me because it was my night off. WTF????? She's had no problem calling me on my day off in the past for my personal patients. And I know it's not about the money. So, WTF? The nurse tried to page me...unfortunately not knowing that when I am off my pager is off, and I have to be called on my cell or at home. Oh well, was disappointed that I had missed it.

While on call for Thanksgiving, a patient came in that evening - the patient sees Medwife in the office and was scheduled for induction on Sunday. She was contracting a little and hoping maybe we would move the induction up. I didn't do it but maybe I should have :P

Medwife is scheduled on call Sunday she has two inductions scheduled for Sunday. One comes in at 6am and the other at 2pm. So she'll make the midwife on call manage her labors all day (on a Sunday no less - we aren't supposed to schedule inductions on the weekend) then she'll come in to catch. That's messed up and I would certainly be raising hell about it. We are gonna have to have a long talk with her at out next meeting.

Thanksgiving call was pretty laid back. I got to stay home during the day then went in about 9pm for a labor patient. Had a nice birth about 2am, then off to home and in the bed :) The food was delicious and I was thrilled to have spent the entire day at home with my family!

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