Saturday, November 15, 2008

Another one of those

I had another one of those ladies the other day. You of those who no longer wants to be pregnant at a ridiculously (sp) early time in her pregnancy. She fell in that gray area of 34-37 weeks, where outcomes are sometimes fine, and sometimes not. No matter what I said to her, she just wasn't interested. She 'knew' her baby would be fine. I really tried to explain to her why it was so important that babies gestate for the full amount of time but she just wasn't having it. She had told the nurse, prior to my arrival, that she would break her own water if she knew how to. I finally told her that there wasn't a midwife or doctor in our practice, or anywhere for that matter, that would do anything to help her have her baby. I felt the need to tell her that in case she got it in her head that I was the only one who wouldn't help her cuz she just wasn't liking what I had to say. I really was very patient with her!!!! When I finished (finally gave up), I walked out to the nurse's station and asked the nurse if it was wrong of me to want to smack the patient upside the head?

BTW, before any woman flames me because some women have a lot of problems with pregnancy (such as severe hyperemesis, etc) - this woman had no problems...just didn't want to be pregnant anymore.


AtYourCervix said...

I seriously hope that you (or anyone else) didn't give in to her demands and induce her.

I've come across several women who are tired of being pregnant, and want induced in the preterm/near term gestational ages. Thankfully, their demands to be induced are almost always refused.

Even after 37 weeks, these babies are not ready sometimes! I can tell you of several term babies induced early, and end up on vents!

Ciarin said...

No one in our practice will induce her. I sent her home after watching her for about 6 hours.

She probably went home and did everything she could think of to bring on labor.

mm said...

Good for you for doing the right thing! :)