Sunday, November 9, 2008


Vegas was great! We had a fabulous but exhausting time. It was me, my mother, and one of our old midwifery students (who had greatcause to celebrate since she just had passed boards). She taught me how to play craps which is wonderful fun!

While we had a great time, there were some things that drove me nuts...

1. People from other countries that seem to have a smaller bubble (thx Lisa) than we do...stay out of my personal space!

2. A man asked me, after touching my tattooed back and arms, "if it was sexy getting tattooed?" Umm, no, duh. It f*ckin' hurts so I guess it would be sexy if you were into S&M.

3. When walking through the casino, do not stop dead center in the aisle and force everyone behind you to squeeze around you. You are not that f*ckin' special princess.

4. When walking through the hotel/casino/wherever watch were you are going. It's kinda hard to avoid running into people when you are walking and looking at the ceiling.

5. When playing Blackjack, do not regal us with your amazing prowness at the game by splitting tens against the dealer's 5. You are breaking up an almost sure winnning hand. And regardless that you think it's your money and you can play how you want - you are f*cking up the whole table.

But other than that, had a fab time!!!!!

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Loving Pecola said...

This is where it comes from:

More importantly though, it's how *he* identifies. (And I think you can find out why somewhere on the internet)

My sister (mother- white, father- black) identifies as black. If further questioned, which she hardly ever is, she says "mixed" but her first answer is always black.