Saturday, November 1, 2008

Part 2

Lady #2 did an amazing job with her labor. This was her first baby and she did it like a pro. I had seen a lot of her in the office so was thrilled that it had worked out that I would catch her baby (it usually does). She labored all day long and into the night doing various positions, the tub, the ball, etc. Unfortunately the baby was so low in her pelvis that from 5cms on she wanted to push. The ball helped the most but I felt so bad for her. Now, the delivery, I'd love to tell you how wonderful it was but I missed it! I got tied up with lady #3 and was not happy about it. So, a midwife from another practice happened to be there babysitting her two ladies with crappy labors. She stepped in for me and caught. She said lady #2 rocked. It was a big baby boy and no lacs - woohoo! But I was very sad to have missed it.

So while my personal patient lady #2 was delivering, I was stuck with a naughty baby belonging to a very whiny lady #3. Essentially, she and her significant other were very nice people but I had only met them the day before. She spent much of the time when I would visit with her talking about how she went into labor and what she did and didn't want for this induction. For someone who spent so much time begging to be induced she was being awfully picky and high maintenance. After pitting, broken up with some walking and a shower, she finally started moving along. We had started before I even came on call with pitocin and I couldn't break her water until around 8pm that evening. She continued to make progress but then we started getting some really ugly strip...big deep variables with contractions...guesses on what the problem was??? Yes, she had a nuchal cord. So anyway, she had an anterior lip which I was able to reduce. She was about a -1 station at this point but I figured she could push it out in 10 minutes or less. Her biggest baby was 8-4 and she had had three vag deliveries already. So I tell her I want to go for a quick delivery due to the variables. She then tells me she is a bad pusher, had to push a minimum of one hour with all her babies. Greeeaattttt...and she wasn't kidding! For every good push she had, there were about 8 crappy ones. I was starting to think I would need to call the doc in for a vacuum delivery. She finally did it about 12 minutes after lady #2 delivered. Grrr...and she whined the whole way through. I felt a little bad because she was starting to cry but I knew she could do it...we just had to figure out what worked for her. It was just frustrating for her and for us...towards the end we were getting variables down into the 40's but still fairly rapid return to baseline after contraction. I hate hearing that slow thud....thud...thud....and naturally my doc didn't want to come in. I had told him I would work with her for 10 more minutes, and if she didn't make some progress then he was questions asked.

Oh well, lots of healthy, happy parents and babies so all's well that end's well :) Can't ask for much more than that!

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