Thursday, October 9, 2008

Call today/tonight

Had a couple nice deliveries with the student today - hung out with some fun patients in the office who are ready to go anytime now (hopefully when I am on call!).

Had two pages from patients this evening - one while I was attending my daughter's 2nd grade concert. Both early first trimester and both spotting.

I understand the worry...really I do - I've had a miscarriage and then bleeding off and on for the first 15 weeks of one pregnancy...but that doesn't mean it can't be monotonous. It's like telling patients they need to drink more water...we live in Arizona for crissakes! It's a cool 90's during the day :p I must tell them to drink more water a minimum of 10 times each day I am in the office.

They come in complaining of urinary symptoms but the urinalysis is completely drink more water...

Anyway, one of the women sound irritated after I spoke to her. I don't think I told her what she wanted to hear...perhaps I was supposed to tell her to rush to the nearest ER? I'm sure Nurse K would appreciate that!

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