Monday, September 8, 2008

Nurse Midwifery Service

Today is the first day of the nurse midwifery service - woohoo!!!! I hope that things are going well for the new midwife in the office. I left a welcome note on her desk along with clearing off Dr I Never Chart's charts. I love this doctor but dear god, he's like a dog marking his territory - everywhere he goes he leaves a stack of charts.

I am on call tomorrow for 24 hours and we have a provider meeting as well. Should be interesting - I hear the docs are having issues amongst themselves.


Prisca said...

Get some rest--I know how tiring call can be!

Ciarin said...

It was actually pretty laid back this past 24 hours....busy during the day and very quiet last night - one call for a rule out labor. I slept the rest of the night!