Monday, September 8, 2008

Blogs I like

I'd like to tell you about the blogs I follow...

At your Cervix - Tales of labor and delivery as well as a CNM in the making, also lots of beautiful photography and interesting personal stories. A must Read!

Billybob's Wild Ride - a gentleman who has some very serious health problems along with amazing talent as a graphic artist.

Crass Pollination: an ER Blog - A nurse with extreme attitude who tells fab stories of life in the won't get this version on Trauma in the ER.

My Labor for Love - a nurse who tells great triage and L&D stories with a nice sarcastic hint of humor (which I love). In fact, she sounds so much like a Nurse at the hospital I sometimes wonder if its her!

N is for Nurse - a blog I just started following today. This nurse is a newbie working L&D. She tells the good and the bad about her struggles as a new nurse. Anyone in nursing and/or midwifery should be able to relate.

Navelgazing Midwife - Tales of a midwife from a more political and activist view

OB/GYN Kenobi - tales from a OB/GYN - I find this interesting because it's neat to get the perspective of the 'other side' - meaning hearing a doctor discuss their adventures.

Sage Femme - Tales of reading her posts and sometimes a little green with envy

The Midlife Midwife - a CNM not doing births but love reading her, sometimes almost poetic, writing about life in the office. I can very much relate to many things she writes.


Prisca said...

Thnaks for reading my blog and plugging it! ;) Glad to have found you...


Prisca said...

oops, 'scuse the typo!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reading me, too! Thanks, also, for having my blog's new address. Watch out for that blogger! It'll slap a disclaimer on your site before you know it.

I very much enjoy reading you, too. Thanks for YOUR work.

I did find it interesting that you consider what I write political and activist-like. I never thought of myself that way! Re-thinking and wondering. :)


AtYourCervix said...

Thanks for the promotion of some great blogs! I follow a ton of them...always neat to see other's points of view in the birthing field!