Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fake pregnancy

So At Your Cervix has a post talking about fake pregnancies and I posted this story...thought I would share here as well.

I had a woman show up for a new OB appointment at my office. She had presented about a week earlier to the hospital claiming she was due and scheduled for a c/s... Ah, ok.... She was told nothing was scheduled. She claimed we were her providers so the hospital calls us - nope never heard of her. She's told she needed to make an appointment with a provider somewhere (she's a huge lady so could easily have passed for term). So anyway, I didn't know at the time this was the same woman. The MA didn't do a pregnancy test - just assumed because of her size she must be pregnant. This was the first time I had encountered this sort of thing in the office so it didn't occur to me that she was not pregnant.

I work her up - history, physical...she tells me she is 41 weeks pregnant, previous c/s x 4! I'm thinking holy sh*t! I try to listen to fetal heart tones as part of the physical...nothing...try to palpate her abdomen...she's so large I can't tell what I am feeling. So, before sending her off to the hospital for further work-up and possible c/s I check a pregnancy test...negative. Hmmm. The patient appears to be shocked, the boyfriend seems worried. I get the ultrasonographer to fit her in for a quick check. A very non-pregnant uterus was found.

The woman is absolutely shocked and crying "where did my baby go" over and over. The boyfriend storms out crying. I tell the woman that I am sorry this wasn't the news she wanted to hear. She starts to ask me why she's not having periods...uh, you think weighing 400 pounds has anything to do with it?

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slh35661 said...

I have never had that experience, but I know of other providers who have. It must be weird for all involved. I can't imagine how you can try to wrap your mind from trying desperately to find FHT's and then to find out she wasn't pregnant to begin with. I know another provider who had this happen and then the pt accused her of "stealing" her baby and went and told a lot of people in the community that the midwife stole the baby. Ugh!!