Sunday, September 28, 2008


Anyone watch the most recent episode of House? I love when one of the doctors cuts an emergency trach - with a scalpel and trach tube that happen to be convienently (sp) available. But he has no gloves on when he does this...umm...gross! Two hospitals I would never go to even if my life depended on it - Grace Memorial (Grey's Anatomy) and House's hospital (can't remember the name). Scary - thank god they are just TV shows.

I would love to be a patient of House and his crew - so they can randomly guess at diagnoses and give me multiple wrong treatments before miraculously (SP again) coming up with the diagnosis which was inspired by something some random person said in a conversation.

I would love to be a patient at Grace Memorial because a nurse will never set foot in my room - the docs will always be at my bedside providing compassionate care while doing experimental treatments on me for which they will forget what the research says at critical moments during the procedure.

Fun. Now you know why I drive my mother crazy when I watch these shows with her.

Oh, and I bawled like a baby when Pratt died on ER. I'm so stupid but I love these shows.


Bongi said...

i love house but there is not one iota of credible medicine in the show. i just like the cantankerous old man.

Ciarin said...

I agree - I like his sarcastic personality...although in real life I suspect that we would clash horribly. I'm a bit sarcastic myself :p